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Personal Narrative Essay Writing Tips

While they appear difficult to do, personal narrative topics are actually easy if you know the right things to do and you have some sort of guideline to help you with this particular activity. The essences of writing a personal narrative essay are quite many. Most people use it in a journal sort of way – to record happenings in their daily life and to be able to let others see it and hopefully help them when they are faced with a similar predicament. Others write it for personal pleasure, to be able to remember and not forget important events that took place in their lives. Others may use it to share valuable information about their lives and how it links with the lives of the people around them.
But this is where the problems start. Many people would like to do a narrative about their life, about their personal experiences but they do not know where to start, they do not know what to do and most importantly, they have no idea as to what should be the most appropriate topic that they should write about pertaining to their personal lives. Below are some guidelines from Essay Typer writing service that will help you write that narrative essay more personally and more effectively.

Use significant personal experiences

This is a common tool for making very personal narrative essays. This is primarily because significant life events are easy to remember and when things are easier to remember you will not have any difficulties whatsoever in remembering and writing content for your narrative essay.
Some of the best personal experiences and significant experiences that you can choose as one of your personal narrative topics for your narrative essay are the following: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, puberty, graduation, and many more. You just have to think about those memorable experiences in your life so far and voila! You now have your topic.

Use of a particular experience

General experiences may be hard to do for some individuals given the fact that they might have overwhelming memories of a particular event or a particular person or group of people. Toning it down to specific experiences will make the task at hand for some people easier and more manageable to deal with.
The topic or the experience need not be excessively specific. As long as the writer is able to convey the feelings and convey the memory lucidly to his/her readers then that is all the matters. Again, be sure to make all the necessary adjustments when writing in this type of topic. Other readers may not find it as useful compared to when you talk of a generalized experience.

Use of an inspirational figure

This is also a good topic to discuss for your narrative essay. Others may view talking about other people a very farfetched and a very ineffective way of doing a personal narrative because it deviates the attention from the life of the writer to the life of the one being discussed. Though this may be true it is not a constant in every situation.
Talking about a person that has significantly impacted your life may bring out some qualities or some facet to your personality and to your life that may interest your readers. For example, letting your readers know your mother more closely through your writing, they are able to have a glimpse of what spurs your motivations in the present, what your drives and inspirations are, and why you are the way you are. Check out this list of 500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing.
Other inspirational figures are able to make you more realistic and more often than not it helps tone down your readers and not let them think that your personal narrative is too egotistic and excessively self-centered. Which of course are not good tools for doing a personal narrative because they turn off your readers and makes you look, the writer, and a very distant figure to them.

Use of favorite things

You can also talk about your favorite things like your favorite food, your favorite sport, your favorite time of the day, favorite day of the week and so forth. This is a relatively easy topic to talk about and it gives a very personal touch to every word, every sentence and every paragraph that your readers will see.